Post 4 : Upcycling Used cardboard boxes

Here’s a small project I recently undertook: Making Alphabet fridge magnets with used cardboard. Its a good way to keep my daughter engaged in the kitchen while I am busy cooking or cleaning. It is very easy and quick project and it only cost me 3$( for magnetic tape and clear tape) as I had the rest of supplies at home. (compare that to a store bought option!)

You’d need: Used Cardboard, scrapbook paper, color markers, Magnetic tape, glue and some clear tape.

I cut the cardboard into 3inch by three inch squares ( i thought that size looked fine and would be easy for my daughter to hold). I then proceeded to draw free hand alphabets on to the cardboard squares and cut the shapes out.Glue some colorful scrapbook paper in the front and stick a piece of magnetic tape on the back. The tape is usually available in all craft stores.

Then I colored the outline of the alphabets with a marker and used broad clear tape to cover the back and front of the alphabets.  This is important because children are often nifty enough to peel the magnetic tape off the back and from then you know where it would go …….straight into their mouth. so tape up. Also tape could save the alphabets from getting wet.

Voila! here are the magnets gracing my refrigerator. The good thing is you can easily replace lost or damaged alphabets.

It was a fun activity for me to do and my daughter enjoys the colorful shapes although she doesn’t yet understand what these alphabets are. At some point of time I would like to make magnetic Hindi alphabets too because that is something I wouldn’t find in the toy shops around here.

If you are interested in making these for your home, here are a few points to consider:

1. Make sure your cardboard is clean and was stored in a proper place.

2. Also make sure that all sides of the alphabets are sealed, so that any glue or color would not leak in case the child puts the alphabets in his/her mouth ( which they eventually will).

3. Like with all other toys, Supervise your child at play !! As a parent, you would know what kind of toys your child is inclined to and capable of playing with and their playing habits. Follow your gut when it comes to suitability of this project for your child.

Phir Milenge!!


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