Post 2- Going with the flow

My little daughter loves dancing to her favorite tunes. She gets the flow and just goes with it without worrying about the technicalities. She seems so happy and joyful. Dancing is a joyful activity.

I was always fascinated by Indian classical dance forms and watched my distant cousin showing  her skills off in Bharatnatyam with envy. All I could do was freestyle! This week, I decided to sketch on the theme , but my medium of choice was my iPad. Unless you have tender thin fingers its difficult to sketch but it is  much easier to put away an iPad than pens and colors at a moments’ notice of a toddlers cry. I am still learning how to sketch well on the iPad but these are first few steps. I hope the dance enthusiasts among you would forgive me if i have got some postures or expressions incorrect.

Kathak is a dance form that originated in north India. Its beauty lies in its gentle and subtle moves and expressions. If you want to see this great dance form in its bollywood avatar be sure to check out video 1 and video 2

Bharatnatyam on the other hand originated in the south of India and is another graceful dance form to watch. My all time bollywood interpretation of this form is in this song. See it till the end and try to copy  it and you’d understand how difficult it really is.

Then I  added on the effects and text with a sketching app on the device.

I know these are not perfect, but these are result of letting my thoughts flow.

Phir milenge!!


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