Project Sententia31

I started this blog with the intention to record and share my thoughts and opinions on simple things of life that make it unique, people and projects that inspire me and share my creative pursuits; my attempts to learn by doing. I did not know what to expect nor had any plans in place and obviously , it was easy to loose track and loose interest. Of late I re-realized how far behind I am from my original intent. I have been reading a lot more than I have been writing and observing others in what they do right that I have been doing wrong.

Having acknowledged lagging behind in my blogging goals previously, it has taken me this long to take the next step. That is to take action to change. In my passive activity on the blogo-sphere I came across some blogs that are chronicling 365 days of some kind of a project: the kindnesskronicles and  Montreal in pictures are two such blogs that I have been following. Some others are creating and sharing themes around photography with in community of bloggers- like fat mum slim’s monthly photo-a-day challenge , Frizztext’s A-Z challenge.   There are many others who are doing extremely well and creating wonderful, beautiful content. Inspired , I have decided to create a small blogging project (baby steps) for myself – introducing Project Sententia31.
Sententia is a Latin term meaning thought or opinion. This word (as you might have guessed ) is also the root word for ‘sentence’ which means a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation etc. My idea is to create next 31 posts over the course of next month expressing my thoughts and ideas with various mediums, alternating between writing (11posts),  photography (10 posts), sketches, DIY or culinary projects(10 posts). By the end of this exercise , I hope to rediscover my storytelling strengths and weakness and of course meet my blogging goals.  I have also decided not to over analyze and be discouraged but to go with the flow. My goal is to complete a thought through and not leave it half way ….

It goes without saying , your comments and feedback would help. Here to being inspired!!

Are there any of you trying to find your niche on the blogosphere? Any tips or tricks you might have to share? or want to join in ?

Phir Milenge!!



3 thoughts on “Project Sententia31

  1. Hi Soni,

    I have gone through this phase and completely understand it.

    I started a blog and wrote about my daily life, it was kind of showing my personal diary to the world. Over a period I lost interest as there were no takers for it. I felt I was alone.

    Root cause were I am a poor story teller, nothing special in my writing(like added humour), English is poor. There was no reason for somebody to spend their time in my site and follow my life. I was offering nothing for the readers and so no participation.

    Phase 2: I dumped my personal blog and created a fresh blog. New theme, title and niche. I started blogging about social issues (example capital punishment). I got reasonable improvement but still it was not enough.

    Phase 3: closed my social blog and started a technology blog I am maintaining it for years and have got reasonable success. Now I get 2,50,000 views per month and rapidly growing. In this blog, my language skills are not important, it takes back seat and the emphasis is on technology. More than that, I love computer programming and writing about that is pure entertainment. When I had a social blog, I was always on the lookout for topics. But now, there are tons of topics that comes spontaneously to my mind. Community participation is one key factor and it happens now, which keeps me motivated.

    Hope I am not boring you. I thought of sharing my experience, though we are writing on different genre.

    Habitually I want to tell you one thing which works for me. Settle down in a comfortable schedule. It might be daily or weekly or monthly or whatever. When in a rhythm, if you are writing more than the planned schedule don’t publish it. Complete the article but schedule for auto publish. There should be always scheduled article in store and it will allow you to pace your work.

    If some niche doesn’t works don’t hesitate to drop and start a fresh one.

    I wish you overcome this phase soon and settle down in a niche which you love. Eagerly following 🙂

    Love, Joe.

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    • Thanks Joe, I really appreciate you taking out the time and value your input. I am trying not to let this blog die just yet and this is my attempt at reviving it.

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