My World In Five Colours

Madhu, who writes a travel blog, The urge to wander recently shared her entry for the Capture the Colour photo competition run by Since she left an open invite to fellow bloggers to join in, I felt tempted to share some of my images on my blog even though I am not officially in the photo competition.

The rules require one to publish a post with five original shots from their travels, each one representing the colours blue, green, yellow, white and red. I also need to link back to TravelSupermarket on Facebook or Twitter (with the tags @travelsupermkt and #capturethecolour).


May be this would qualify as teal for many people, My first reaction upon seeing Lake Moraine in Alberta, Canada was “What a pretty blue!” I love this image and the place is very special to me.

Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada

I am not sure whether to label the next image as white or blue. The frozen Athabasca Falls and the snow is definitely white but the shadows and the blue waters give the picture an icy blue colorGREEN

This picture is from Igatpuri in maharashtra in India. A small town located in the western ghats that started out as a railway town and is one of the best (at least in my opinion) places to see the soothing effects of monsoon. This image was taken during the monsoon, the hill and the surrounding areas become lush green.RED

The St. Joseph Oratory is not only one of the places  to see in Montreal, Canada, a beautiful church building, but is also one of the places of pilgrimage for the catholic believers. The Votive chapel is one large space filled with thousands of candles lit by the faithful.Yellow

Although this image doesn’t scream yellow, love the yellow in the  Swiss guard’s uniform taken at the Vatican. The design of the guard uniform is attributed to Commandant Jules Repond and the colors which make the uniform so attractive are the traditional Medici blue, red and yellow. Although it was winter when this picture was taken the colors of the guard’s uniform pop out in this otherwise bland picture.


And this final image is of the yellow-brown sands of Dubai.

If you wish to take part in this challenge please visit the links above. The deadline for submitting your entry is August 29th.

Phir Milenge!!


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