Flowers blooming Garden-Garden

Well the post title is a rather unpolished translation of the Hindi Phrase “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan-Gulshan”.

There used to be a popular 80’s TV show by that name, featuring the host interviewing famous film and TV personalities but I am not talking about any celebrities here, instead some real celebrities of nature that show up for sometime and grace our gardens…….the blooming flowers.

I have been meaning to share this picture of peonies from my friend’s garden since last week but kept postponing it until now. Such a fragrant large-headed blossom. I just loved it.

Be careful when you clip peonies from the garden. Some (not all!) varieties of Peony flowers are actually opened by ants which are attracted to the nectar. My friends shrub was loaded with over 20 blooms that day, so heavy that the stems were all toppled down with the weight.

The climber rose is growing on the side of my house and is fully laden with bunches of rose blooms. It smells amazing. I love to see this plant everyday.

Last but not the least some lilies lining out back yard. This shot actually comes close to the fleur-de-lys ( the stylized symbol often used as decorative symbol and also graces the flag for the province of Quebec in Canada)

Of course there are plenty of other flowers and wild flowers blooming in around the area I live in . Only if I could remember to take my camera with me on my walks.

What is in season in your area?

Phir Milenge!!


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