Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

My friend Linda recently started working as a full time make-up artist. I am borrowing one of the images from her website.

I think what she is doing is so cool. Being able to create different looks to suit different occasions. We can create not only a different look but the attitude to go with it.

If you have watched any old hindi movie, you would know that one of the recurring themes is that of twins separated at a young age and re-united when they grow up. My favourite twin-act is by Actress named Sridevi in the movie chalbaaz. One twin is shy and docile and the other fierce and outgoing. Goes without saying make-up was cleverly used to create two different looks.

the two sisters come face to face for the first time near the very end of the movie.

I have had fun with this week’s theme. For more inspiring entries click here.

Phir Milenge!!


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