On hold…well not now!

My blogging efforts have taken a back seat in the last while. There have been many ideas that came to my mind for my posts but I could not develop any one of them fully.

The summer is shaping out to be more like Indian Monsoon and the weather in my part of the world has been overcast grey and gloomy for the last 2 weeks. Weather has been a conversation starter in many a situations and it could have served the same purpose in my writing . Then there were ideas about life in general, work, guests, making and keeping friendships and of course my darling daughter who is the center of most of my conversation anyways. but most of my ideas died a slow death on my smartphone’s note making app. ( I think keying in alphabets on the small touch screen was a big deterrent to blogging. I must get myself to a computer or the good old-fashioned notebook as soon as an idea pops up!)

For the time being some posts that I have read recently have been a shot in the arm and pushed me to key in words again. This freshly pressed blog made me look at my own blogging habits again. While another one pointed to perils of over editing. Now I am thinking of putting thoughts to word without worrying too much about the direction I should take because I have realized I spend a lot more time in strategizing than actual writing. I think improvising along the way would be more beneficial to my writing than trying to force a structure.

Hopefully, I will be able to follow up this post with more posts in the coming weeks.

Phir Milenge!!



1 thought on “On hold…well not now!

  1. Sometimes one needs to step back to move forward. Pausing gives us the much needed perspective. Many thanks for the reblogging my post. You take it easy now!

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