Chasing Murphy in heels.

I can say with surety now that I do not like wearing high  heels. I don’t hate high heels per se ….. I like them in displays and when someone else but myself is wearing them. When I say high heels I mean any thing higher than an inch and even then I reserve them for an evening out or some formal event not for work and definitely not the 6″ stilettos (my hat’s off to those of you who can manage to walk in those).
Last week I bought my first pair of high heels in four years ( a 2.5 inch wedge)  and this morning I decided to wear them to work. And as it is common to not liking something and yet doing it, my day unfolded in a manner to reaffirm my worst fears.  It was to be a Murphy’s Law morning.

I feel good about the fact that I take the public transit to work. a 5 min walk to the bus stop – Good for health… less fuel emissions-Good for the environment and no one has to know how driving stresses me out – good for me! However, I got late and quite predictably wanted to catch the first bus I could and hence a chasing of the bus ensued….in heels mind you… heels……and as you could have guessed….didn’t get the bus and I got feet that hurt in return.To top it, I got off at the wrong stop and had to walk two extra blocks to get to work.

A real life oxymoron- the comfort of sneakers with the pain of stilettos. or is it ironical?

If  High heels had a personality they might have have been the bossy kind, one that squeezes you , stresses you out and you willingly go through it all for the sake of keeping up appearances. Some would be like your favorite frenemy. You hate her but you can’t ignore her and she still pops up in your life from time to time.  Mine were like the feudal lords of rural India in 1756, You suffer and suffer and do not get anything in return. The burden gets heavier with each passing minute and you just go through your day thinking about kismet.

To carry  my sorry tale forward, today also happened to be the day we had a surprise fire drill in our building. Five floors don’t feel like much when you use the elevator, but when you are going down the steps in heels that you are barely able to balance yourself, all eighty six of them  (yes I was counting) can feel like a hike. If it was a real fire, I would have been one of the stampede starters, who trip and fall and make everyone else panic- and be found at the bottom of all the rubble.

Somehow I survived the day and got home. My friend Jess pointed me to videos on YouTube – proof walking in high heels was actually possible and suggested I go through some tutorials  to learn to walk and if needed attend some classes (its real!- they train you for wedding days, proms etc.) apparently I can run a marathon in heels by the time I am done with it.

May be then chasing the bus won’t be such a big deal. May be Murphy and his laws won’t bother me as much.

Phir Milenge!!


2 thoughts on “Chasing Murphy in heels.

  1. lol i am sorry didnt mean to laugh but what happened to you was such a big ouch moment..first chasing the bus and then the fire drill.oh man….ha ha ha ha

    Oh its same here i envy people who can wear those torture apparatuses for long time….
    and when i see already tall women wearing them i sometimes think they are trying to touch the clouds…

    • yes a big ouch it was !I think I will let those heel rest for some time! I envy the salsa dancers who can dance in these heels apparently enjoying themselves.

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