Celebrating motherhood

First of all greetings on mother’s day to all women who care about this day! One extra day to make us feel special and any attempts on the part of our loved ones to do so is most welcome….. so bring it on. Mass marketing, media hype and a cup of tea in bed, I will take it all.

Growing up, we never celebrated my mother ‘s birthday leave aside mother’s day. My mother was the introvert who does not like to be the center of attention even for a single day! Going by today’s standards I might fall in the “not-good”category of children. Except for when she was sick , she never got breakfast in bed, neither flowers nor greeting cards filled with prose of praises heaped on her. But she never questioned our love for her and she never stopped showering us with affection.

What worries me about celebrating mother’s day or any other occasion in the way media prescribes is its flip side. If you have been a good kid on mother’s day, it almost gives you the license to be bad on other days. As if being good one day would wipe away any negative memories from the rest of the year. One comedian had once joked ( I forget who….), you never hear parents say in July that Santa Claus is watching their behavior! As if the good behavior for the two weeks preceding Christmas was good enough to get any toy the kids have set their hearts on to. I remember some good and some not so good memories of my childhood. That one time when I did not get what I wanted or the punishment I received for disobeying  are as much a part of the parenting I received as are the memories of birthday celebrations and fun vacations. My mother loved us and she did her best to help us kids achieve our potential. Her critique of my poor penmanship to her praise of my early attempts at cooking all shaped me and encouraged me to better myself.

What about those mothers and kids who are mourning the loss of a loved one? or families where the relationships are broken? Does the media’s over-celebration cause more hurt than happiness? If you have hurting souls around you it might be worthwhile to spend some time with them as well.

As a mother now, I realize the importance of emotional ,physical and mental investment into  parenting and also realize how much effort was put into my own upbringing. I am twice as thankful. I am happy to see restaurants filled with mothers enjoying special breakfasts, brunches and lunches, special gifts being wrapped and people just spending time with each other & creating happy memories.  I think it is critical to have a sense of balance in life. Go ahead , Celebrate Mother’s day as you’d want.

Just remember our relationships are just as important every other day that we have been blessed with.

Phir Milenge!!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating motherhood

  1. We remember God daily still we celebrate Durga Puja or other festivals,take it in the same way. Yes, everyday is mother’s day and we take them for granted so given a chance I would like to thank her in any way.

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