In search of a shopping partner

I am among the people who dislike shopping by themselves. Primarily because I take a long time to make a decision when surrounded by a lot of choices. Shopping with friends is a fun time-pass and allows one the opportunity to see the other in a different light – in the process of making decisions.

Many years ago , as young teenagers , me and my sisters would often indulge in bargain shopping. Places like Janpath, Sarojini nagar boast of bargain shopping. the trick is simple, you slash the quoted price by two-third directly and the goal is to settle for atleast half of the quoted price. Add to that trip indulgence in street foods and you have the makings of a wonderful day. Even if you dont shop much , you end up having a lot of fun.

Shopping in Canada cannot compare to India and not even to its closest neighbor, USA. Every thing is more expensive here for some strange reason and you end up paying a lot of money in taxes too. People who have lived and shopped in USA may not even feel like shopping here unless it is extremely necessary. But that is not the point of the story!

fact is shopping is as much fun , as the person you go shopping with. Going grocery shopping with Mom meant we could get an icecream treat at the end of it, especially if we have been good . With my sisters it was the joy of discussing and critiquing every style in detail….does it look good? does it look good on me? how much does it cost? how much do we want to pay? … and reliving the experience of buying each time we wore those clothes.

With friends too it gives me an insight into how the person makes decisions for themselves, how closely they understand me and how honest can they be in expressing their likes and dislikes for the things that I picked. following is my list of what an ideal shopping partner would be like.

1. a Shopping partner (SP) must know you well enough and have a good sense of your taste.

2. An SP does not impose their choices on you

3. but at the same time, he/she stops you from making a wrong purchase that you would regret later

4. They also have a fair enough idea of your budget. If your SP pushes you to spend beyond your means , run for the hills! That doesn’t mean they wont give you a kick in the posterior once in a while to bring you back from sticker shock.

5. Of course you won’t be shopping all the time….SP must be someone whom you like to talk to . Taking someone who is not a good conversation could ruin a good shopping day for you!

6.See point 1 through 5. apply them to yourself too. someone who has chosen to spend a day in a mall with you might have few things to buy for themselves too. Extend the courtesy.

Like the old saying goes, Only a trained elephant can train a new one….the trick to finding a new SP is to go shopping with them and another shopping buddy who meets the criteria listed above. Seeing you interact with other shoppers gives a person next to you a chance to get to know you more.

If you have the right person to go with , shopping can be fun filled…. other wise it would be like ( to quote shakespeare) as tedious as a twice-told tale, Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man

Phir milenge!!

2 thoughts on “In search of a shopping partner

    • I believe happiness shared is happiness doubled so any activity I can do with some other people I enjoy more….. I talk during a movie in the theatre! plus I am very indecisive when it comes to clothes……. 🙂

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