what do you do when you are distracted or when your mind goes blank in the middle of a task or you hit the wall?

Most of the time I doodle. Putting pen to paper gives me a temporary respite from the writer’s block or worker’s block (if you may).Doodling is to thought what treadmill is to walking….. even though you are stuck in one place & don’t move forward, you spend a lot of energy doing it.

You might have noticed that everyone has a favourite doodle motif that they repeat. for some it is eyes, for some it is concentric circular/spiral shapes, for some jumbles and for some it is arrows. sadly, these days , I am struggling to find my motif for my doodles, I used to make circles of different sizes at one point but now -a days I am doodling different things. Come to think of it, I hadn’t really doodled in last 14 months….. now that I am back at work I am back at doodling.

Here are a few things that I have drawn over the course of last week.


No one particular direction.


Going around in circles.


Some henna patterns…

This next one is actually my friend’s doodling style. She posted a picture on Facebook and I thought of trying that myself. I would say the original was really pretty.


I tried some image effects on this one too.


Trying image effects on doodles can only be an indication how distracted I was feeling.

Anyone who has ever knit or flown a kite might understand how troubling the process of untangling the thread/yarn can be . At times it seems likes you are creating 10 mini-tangles instead of one big mess but that process is the best method to untangling with out the application of force and breaking the yarn in the process.

My doodles are like those ten little messes. They allow me to separate myself from the issue at hand for a while and revisit and untangle it a bit more.

What is keeping you busy these days?

Phir Milenge!!


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