A paradigm shift

After more than a year of absence I joined the work force this week. It was challenging at first to leave the baby in someone Else’s care and focus on other tasks at hand. I hope the coming week would be better than the one before. I was caught offguard by thinking of what my baby would need rather than what I needed to do for meeting my goals and for myself.

Motherhood has essentially been a paradigm shift for me. I can say that may be for the very first time , I have been forced to be totally unselfish in my acts. As far as I can remember I loved to use hyphenated words beginning with self in my language…. self-esteem , self-worth, self-preservation etc….., When I was studying, there was goals to be achieved, when I started working, there were ideas to be transformed into reality and (in some way) even change the world. When I got married I found a partner, whom I love dearly, but I  also continually receive much love in return myself. Over the years , I have learnt to watch out for best interest of people around me and be less selfish but Only as a mother, I have worked hard, emotionally, physically and spiritual for the total benefit of someone else.

If it were not for parenthood , Perhaps , I would have never found out how rewarding , this truly unselfish loving and giving can be. I know many people to whom unconditional love comes naturally but for me it has been a paradigm shift…. a lesson learnt. It is amazing to now notice how this has transformed me at my workplace.

I am doing similar tasks as I was performing as I was back in the day but I can truly say that now I am expecting different outcomes of my actions. I know now that even if it seems I am not getting much in return, I can still feel content in my heart and that contentment does not have to be just an empty gesture but be truly fulfilling.

When my baby grows up a bit more , she will be able to express her feelings and may be then my motivations may not be as pure as they are now. But for the time being I am basking in the warm feelings that I am feeling in my heart.

I think I now experientially understand the gold standard of unconditional loving and unselfish giving that Our Maker has set for us.

Have you had a paradigm shift that you would like to share about?

Phir Milenge!!


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