Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

From a distance, they seemed together. Engrossed as if in a game….and a deep conversation. It seemed they could not be bothered about anyone or anything around them.

Were they together truly?

Being in close proximity does not mean togetherness . Does it?

For her it was a momentary pause….a rest from her tiring day…..

He had been waiting for someone to come along in his direction. A temporary relief from his loneliness. For years he has been sitting there, watching people come and go. some stay for a moment and some longer but leave they eventually do.

Soon she will be on her way and he will remain there as before.

A silent togetherness, a moment no one felt, a time no one saw.

This sculpture called ‘The Winner’ of a man playing a game of chess is installed in Century park , Calgary AB along 8th Ave.

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Phir Milenge!!

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

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    • There are many sculptures in an around calgary, done in similar style depicting everyday life. I thought it was very clever too…… I have one touristy shot of myself (pretending to be the player) with this man…LOL…!!

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