When I see my reflection in a mirror, I see myself as I would appear to someone else…… In a way I look at my own image as another person .

Isn’t reflection (of thought ) the same thing? hearing my own thoughts as Someone Else’s and understand them how others would understand them.

In scientific context a good reflecting surface will throw back all the light that is shined on it. It allows us to see the reflected image with clarity and enables us to make improvements if desired, but sometimes we can see a partial reflection in poor reflectors too. ( clear glass for example as seen in the pic above)

How does one get clarity of thoughts and ideas if we are are bouncing them on poor reflectors? We would never understand our faults fully and never correct them fully.

And what if…… if we are not the objects but the reflectors? The scriptures say all of us are reflecting the glory of God. You may or may not believe in God but you may believe in some values and virtues……

Question is whether the life we are daily living reflecting the values we claim to live by? Just a thought.

Phir Milenge!!


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