Spring surprise

There is something about our daily lives that it never ceases to surprise us. We expect progress and growth and when we see it we are surprised and sometimes moved with emotions.

Just a few days back I posted pictures from my garden of trees with bare branches. This morning I woke up to a different sight.


The garden appeared Much greener today than yesterday


It seems this transformation has happened overnight. Where was I when these leaves were slowly blooming?

Although I did not notice the change, My sister pointed out to me how different my daughter is looking. She looks like a toddler now. Why hasn’t each day registered in my memory when she was growing?


Drop by drop the changes gather

each drop too small to notice

We see them all at once together

a little pond of pieces


Motion comes to stop on a dime

A string of days is strung

Her step the marks of passing time

Seasons on trees are hung


We marvel,the joy and wonder

When and how we surmise

Moments some from time we plunder

Our memories are the prize

Phir Milenge!!


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