The Sassy Sari

Long before the Indian sari was popularized by Bollywood and became almost synonymous with silk, sequins and sexy, It was the outfit of choice for everyday dressing, the University student and the working woman. In a way wearing a sari was a rite to womanhood. If you could carry a sari, you were mature enough to handle pressures of adulthood.

Sari to me is a nearly perfect outfit.  Designs are obviously beautiful. It is always age appropriate. There are many draping styles, but there is no prescribed fit. It fits all sizes- just drape it tight or loose – no need for special maternity line yay!. The blouse and the underskirt that is worn with the sari can easily be modified at the local tailoring shop. To top it all there are so many accessorizing options that go with it.

You may ask, why Am I waxing eloquent about the sari all of a sudden? I saw the new Special K Sassy jean ad. The Jeans size in the ad were replaced by positive adjectives describing how we feel when we wear them. Sari is one garment that does not come with a size on its label. It is one garment that spares me the trouble to focusing on how it fits and only look at the colours and design and how it makes me feel. I wish I could go back to the good old saree wearing days.

For past one decade I have been struggling with my weight. At its peak my BMI stood at 33.5 (obese category) and now I am only ‘last ten pounds’ away from the normal range. Diet control and work outs are tedious tasks for me and I wish I could do without them altogether. I am obviously happy with the New Special K advertisement, their tag line “what will you gain when you loose” and the idea of replacing the numbers (jeans size or weight) with positive adjectives.

But (you knew there was a but coming didn’t you?)…. the more I pondered, I realized,  I was putting all the positives in sometime in the future -that time when I will loose the weight or time when I will fit in to the jeans. I want to take those positives and apply it to my today. Despite my size and other circumstances, I can find positives in my life and celebrate them today. Here is the list from those advertisements.

Radiant- I am radiant with Joy every time I see my family who loves me.

Confident- I am confident about the work I do ’cause I give it my best and then some

Ooh-la-la – I am surprising and unusual in more ways than one

Va-va-Voom- There is enough va-va-voom in my life to make my world a lovely place.

Sassy- I am lively, happy and I easily connect with people around me.

Here are some more adjectives I thought of which do not necessarily relate to the physical, may not be too popular or used as compliments but are worthy of a mention. These are the qualities I admire in the women in my life:

Elegant, Graceful, Strong, Grounded, Diligent, Intelligent, Organized, Caring, Focused, Humorous, Affectionate, Assertive, Charming, Efficacious, Wise, Courageous etc.

Sari or jeans – My clothing choices only contribute a little bit to how I feel, rest comes from with in . Despite the (weight-loss) journey ahead of me; I can pause a while, look back and acknowledge how far I have come. I am sure so can you.

Go ahead Compliment yourself today.

Phir Milenge!!


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