Micro-Fiction : Smokescreen

My friend posted this link where eight prominent writers were asked to write a short story in under 300 words by O magazine. I was inspired to attempt writing one myself. So here it is . Please let me know what you think and share your own attempts.


She was wearing make up today. It was a strange feeling for her. She had worn make up before, actually only twice in her life.

” Is that lipstick?” her father had yelled.

“it’s the seventies dad, everyone wears make up nowadays ”

” Girls from good homes don’t ” he said as he snatched the lipstick from her hand, and tossed it in the bin.

One hard slap.

Finger imprints on her cheeks. Burning pink.

She often looked at girls in her college with lip colour & make-up. She longed for that kind of freedom.

She had only seen pictures of her groom but mother had said he owned a grocery shop, made a decent living and that was what mattered. The wedding day was an opportunity for her to dress up and feel like the pretty girl she wanted to be. On her wedding day she looked resplendent in the red sari, kajal & lipstick, the gold ornaments and the flowers. She felt free. She was secretly smiling as she stopped to look at herself for a second time.

His breath stunk of alcohol as he entered the room on their wedding night. Without even a word he proceeded to lift the veil.

“Let’s get this over with. If it wasn’t for the huge dowry your father promised, who would have married you?”

Her heart sank.

More insults.

Kajal mixed in with her tears. Black shame.

She took up a factory job to earn in salaries what her father could not pay in dowry. She was free at work. At home she was a slave.

Last Night the husband came home drunk as usual but this time she dared to speak.

Badly beaten.

Black and blue.

She was wearing make up today. What once symbolized freedom was now a smokescreen covering her chains.

Phir Milenge!!


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