Picking up from where we left

It never fails to amaze me how relative the perception of time is. It seems to fly when we are having fun and it drags when we are waiting for somethings. Sometimes it seems to stand still. I met some old friends recently after a gap of many months and it seemed as if I had never left. I was able to pick up from where we left many months ago. This visit was special for another reason too. My friend and I could observe our kids getting along and playing together. It was a feeling I am yet not able to articulate through words.

I feel time standing still every time I visit India and my old friends whom I grew up with too. I have concluded that it is because we have been blessed with selective memory. Our brains only remember the details we commit to it or the instances where emotions are involved. I don’t know the science behind it But I do know this our brain keeps a treasure trove of memories and if only we would put a little bit effort, our daily life today could make a melody of memories for later.

In our hearts memories remain

how and why we can’t explain

They come to us as they please

a laugh, a cry, a gentle tease

They disappear for some time

to reappear in a different rhyme

Thus they are our lives’ tale told

Memories of the good and old

They can be strong but they often fade

Memories for life are daily made

Today just a little effort if we apply

life’s joyous memories will multiply

Then we will be able to sing-along

The lyrics of our memory-song


Have any old memories knocked at your heart today?

Phir Milenge!!



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