Blue skies I missed

I recently visited one of the places in Canada I once called home. As it is common to such visits, I realized some big and small things I missed about the place.  I missed the clear blue skies that I could see.

If you have ever lived in the prairies you would understand what i am talking about. Skies often occupy 2/3 of your view at any given time. The color of the sky and some white clouds dispersed here and there, make for some amazing scenery and sky gazing.

Here is a glimpse of the lovely sight for you.


Phir Milenge!!


5 thoughts on “Blue skies I missed

  1. Love Calgary’s blue skies – and I still live here – recognize a few of your locations. They were one of the things I missed when I lived in England for 4 years – and you’re right, it’s hard to explain to people.

    • yeah, not many people get it. one indian poet once wrote….”unchi imarat semakan mera ghir gaya….kuch log mere hisse ka sooraj bhi kha gaye.”….. roughly translatedit means ….my house is surrounded by tall buildings, some people ate up my share of the sky!!

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