While making a connection at Winnipeg airport recently, I came across a nice sculptural installation. It is called Aperture by artist Warren Carther .

Here is an excerpt from the artist’s description:

Aperture’s main inspiration was derived from the Manitoba horizon line, the line that stretches across the prairie, separating sky from earth. In creating Aperture my desire was to present the viewer with an unusual opportunity to view the horizon line, visible just beyond the airport windows……. aperture is a portrait of the prairie landscape it reference windswept snow, river ice at breakup, furrows in the farmland and buffalo stones.

The horizon line framed in the aperture!!

The material used is glass.

You can almost see the metal pins in the glass sheets that keep them together

I really liked the contours that have been created.

Living for three years in the prairies, I can totally understand the connection. The vast expanse of land , clear blue sky and the horizon line are your constant companions as you drive across the province.

What objects of interest have you seen lately?

Phir Milenge!!


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