Going the distance together…. alone

I have been traveling with in the country recently. May be you could guess that from my silence over the last couple of days.

Waiting between flights is a very good opportunity to observe people. Waiting  is imminent yet we all try to keep ourselves busy for that short amount of time. We don’t want to be too involved in whatever it is that we are doing nor do we want to be sitting idle. yet we do all that and in between. We smile at fellow passenger, exchange glances and sometimes names but not more……we all in it together …yet not so much ………

We flip through our gadgets for the non-existant all too important email and message.

Solve a puzzle or a crossword


Take a walk

Carry the weight of the world on our shoulders

Some times even carry the weight of a little future on our shoulders

And then simply Give up !

The best approach however is to observe little children, the place becomes the toy and the playground. Simple moving objects are filled with wonder and everything just seems amazing. It is all in their mind you see, the imagination colors up the potential for fun a place can hold.

A simple golf cart can seem like a chariot of fire if you look at it through the frame of imagination

While we wait for something to happen in our lives, we only have control over our thoughts and reactions. We can choose to be miserable, keep busy or be happy with all  little joys of lives.

Phir Milenge!!



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