India in my heart: Products

I love to bring back gifts for my canadian friends from India and usually I choose from some handicraft items or fabrics. Some times you come across products which nail the spirit of a place on the head and rise above being just travel souvenirs. I came across this wonderful line of products called Chumbak and I simply fell in love with them. Just to clarify I am in no way connected to the line of products except being an admirer of their work.

They combine cool graphics and witty sense of humour with all things you’d associate with being Indian. It all started with the search of an good indian fridge magnet ( by the way chum bak is magnet in hindi!) and now has a range of products from home and lifestyle to apparel. 


If you wish to check out their whole collection , Please click here

What kind of travel souvenirs do you bring back from your travels? Do you know of any other products that tell a tale of the place they belong? Please feel free to share.

Phir MIlenge!!


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