India in my heart: Languages

It is useful to look at any country’s symbols to get a feeling of how a country defines or portrays itself. The national bird, the national animal, the flag and the anthem all tell something about that country. Take the currency note for example. It can show anything from the country’s leaders, buildings, places or even wildlife.

The Indian currency notes display the value of the note in fifteen languages among other things. There are 27 languages 22 languages with official status and there are many more dialects. Language is where you can notice the diversity of the country in a tangible form. As you travel across India, You would be amazed at how the dialect change with in a language and a region and how one flows into the other.  It is no small thing that a nation with so much diversity can stand united.

In my own family, there are 5 different languages that are spoken and on my husband’s side three more. I have friends form different regions of india and that adds few more languages in the mix. Different languages have not only different grammar and vocabulary, they also have different tones and even attitudes. Some are like a sweet melody, some have a burst of energy, Some are more boisterous than others and some are rhymed like poetry.


Although there is no personal cause for glory, but I feel proud that I grew up in a richly diverse country, in a cosmopolitan city which people from all over the country call home. The language in this case is not a barrier but a symbol that defines us.

Phir Milenge!!


7 thoughts on “India in my heart: Languages

  1. Thanks for sharing a part of your world with this information. It’s very interesting. Could you explain how it works when a child learns to talk? Does the child try to learn all the languages in the family? My granddaughter was being taught two languages when she began talking and I don’t think it worked well because it was hard to understand her little sentences. She has gotten much better now in speaking since she concentrates on one language. I know she will eventually speak the language her other grandparents wants her to learn.

    • I think it’s different for each child. My husband learnt 2 different languages simultaneously as different languages were spoken at home and outside. I learnt one at a time. In India most people are bilingual or trilingual. we have 27 states each with its own official language! I mentioned in my previous post ‘in a manner of speaking’ that It’s best to learn as children. I hope your grand daughter would soon be enthralling her audiences with her mastery of both languages!

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