Are you full? Are you filled? Are you fulfilled?

Living in North America, it seems hard to imagine life without its simple pleasures, like running water and round the clock electricity. In so many places around the world these are still luxuries available to only lucky few. My uncle who is pastor mentioned that one church (from the mission he serves) in the state of Gujarat in India got its electrical connection this month. This church is the only building in the entire village with electrical connection and it took a lot of time and resources. Life in those villages can be tough. You may have to walk miles to fill a pail with water and you might have to sleep on an empty stomach from time to time. By that standard we who live in the developed world are abundantly blessed yet we are often so quick to complain.

It seems humanly impossible to be satisfied and content. A capitalist was once asked, ” how much money is enough?”” a little bit more”, He replied.  Contentment can be a choice. A counter point of view is to be found in the scriptures of Old. To rephrase Paul –

I have learnt to be content:

no matter what my situation

no matter all my fears

no matter my ambitions

no matter all my tears

When I look at the television programs on Hoarding and obesity, I realize that even though our lives are filled with stuff or our bellies filled with food satisfaction and contentment can allude us.

It may be a worthwhile task to ask ourselves today if we are full, filled or truly fulfilled.

Phir Milenge!!


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