‘Spring’-ing into action

I haven’t cared much for official start of spring for the last few years. In Canada, some places have snow on ground till May first-week and I was living in one of those places. This year is different. Its my first spring in the new city and the comparatively balmy winter means that spring is really here!

My neighbors, Pierre and Maria, a retired couple in their 60’s, are avid bird-lovers. I know this because of the number of bird feeders they have around their house.They have been carefully preparing these bird houses and feeder in preparation to welcome the migratory birds over the spring-summer season.


This old tree has all sorts of bird-feeders attached.


A few more interesting pieces.


May be some humming birds would come hum for us


More Feeders and bird-houses towards the front.


Pierre even installed a few bird feeder up this wooden electric pole in the back alley.

This morning, as they sat sipping their morning coffee in their porch, I made an appearance on mine armed with my cup of tea & a camera, said hello and got talking. I was told that we can spot many species of birds in and around the city. He mentioned that White-throated Sparrow, Blue jays, blue and magnolia warbler, rock dove, mourning dove, sparrows and chickadees often pay them a visit. Honestly, I have never been bird-watching so I was delighted when they told me I could join them for another round of coffee while bird watching.

It is a wonderful thing to be passionately involved in a hobby and be willing to share your experiences with others who may be interested.It is a great act of inclusion and making someone feel welcomed.

The spring blossoms may not have sprung up but today, on the first day of spring , a new friendship has bloomed.

Phir Milenge!!


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