Honey, I hid those things!

My mom used to say you can find a lot about someone’s personality by looking at their handwriting. She encouraged us to practice and improve our handwriting. I remember putting in extra effort while writing cards or letters to many member of my family who lived in different parts of the country. As an architecture student, lettering was one of the first things I learnt and practiced. I think my love for the written word grew stronger as the time went by.

I really believe you put a little bit of yourself when you send a hand written note. Buying notebooks, sketchbooks, journals and all sorts of pens and colors is where the line between my professional needs and personal likes is blurred.


I spend some time daily either writing or drawing and my daughter loves to watch me draw. She often points out towards objects she wants me to draw for her.

My curious little kitten has recently developed a love for scribbling. She takes any pen or pencils she can gets her hands on and starts scribbling on any and every surface.




My first reaction was to protect her from hurting herself with the pointed tips of most pens and pencils. I wanted to to be enthusiastic and encourage her effort  to scribble so I replaced pens and pencils with soft tip markers and crayons but after a lot of soiled shirts and sheets, I proceeded to buy washable colors. Once again I have changed my mind.


Caught red-handed literally!

These days anything that is in her hands finds its way into her mouth. I am concerned because I don’t want all the coloring chemicals to get into her system. So I did the next best thing . My husband was at a loss the other day when he could not find one writing instrument to write something down.

Bye bye pens and crayons….. I hid those things!

I could not bring myself to deprive my child entirely of the opportunity to scribble and here the digital world came to my rescue. I chanced upon the Sketchbook pro App for Ipad. This comes from Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD software that most of my architect/ engineer friends might be familiar with.

This way my daughter can scribble to her heart’s content without spoiling her clothes, or sheets or walls. As I am discovering now, this is a really versatile application for people who like to draw. See sketchbook in action here.

Even though ink-on-paper has a nostalgic appeal to me……and even though I don’t think we are becoming a paperless society anytime soon….. You won’t easily find a pen, pencil or any color markers lying around in my house these days.

Honey, I hid those things!

Phir Milenge!!

POST SCRIPT: to my daughter :

All scary things that are on the news

all harmful words and the scary views

all tough things that can come your way

I wish I could hide them all away


I can pray for protection-pray for direction

I can pray you find the strength & conviction

I wish I could do it all, wish I could say

honey, don’t worry, I hid those things away


This world may not be a perfect place

Hard to find some peace and some solace

let Faith, Hope and Love be your guide

to face the scary giants and never Hide.


Phir Milenge!!


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