Zen and the art of doing the dishes


I must have been seven when my cousin first asked me the puzzle of the lion, the goat and the hay bell. It took me a really long time to find the solution.  As a stay-at-home mom, Life has thrown another similar puzzle my way. It’s called the baby, the nap and the work done. 

So far this is how it has played out.
Happy baby + good sleep = no job done
Happy baby + job done = no sleep
Job done + good sleep = crying baby
Similar to the puzzle these three can peacefully co-exist only in the presence of the farmer ( read my husband) and can be solved when you throw him in the mix. Weekend is when my house is clean, baby is happy and I complete my back log of sleep. Rest of the week is a different story.
Believe me , I am no clean freak. I have always taken it easy but I did have a  habit of doing a job from start to finish in one go.  A year ago, I would have joked with my mother in law for her love of cleaning and the stress she takes over keeping the house in order. Didn’t the Good Shepherd once say, ““Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one”?
 Yeah I chose only the ‘needed’  parts ….. [wide grin]….
I can understand and appreciate her view point now. As a stay at home mom, one must pay continual attention. It is easy to get lazy and soon daily chores become weekly and weekly chores become monthly and some never get done enough.  I now do a lot of things in piecemeal fashion which can be a bit frustrating for me and that’s where doing the dishes comes to my rescue. 
It may appear dull and tedious  but it is my one job of the day which is small enough to be finished in one go and see the results immediately. Till the next spoon falls in, I can sit back and admire the Empty  kitchen sink. It gives me “peace of mind” and then I can be enthusiastic about taking the next task on!
Whether its a job to be done or an enjoyable pastime, a lot depends on our attitude…… Beauty and joy can be easily found.
I hope you are able to find the small things today that give you joy. 
Phir milenge!!

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