some Thoughts, some Personal & some Borrowed memories

This morning I decided to go out for a walk. There was still a light drizzle but the baby and dad were both fast asleep and such opportunities don’t come my way often these days.

Moss is beginning to show on the tree trunks and with no leaves and no grass, that was the only green that was to be seen on this walk. I was out just before the rush hour actually starts and there was very little noise anywhere……. a bit of eerie silence. A commodity hard to find in a big city.

I stopped to take a closer look at the trees. The moss actually highlighted the grooves on the bark. Why it reminded me of my grandma’s wrinkled face I don’t know.

She used to cry a lot, my grandma. especially when we would pack to go back home after spending our summer at her house. Her face would be wet with tears as she planted hundred kisses on our cheeks. I did not kiss her back enough. I think it was the drizzle that was getting to me.

As I hurried home I noticed this.

This tiny Bird had left his footprints when the concrete was yet wet. His work now on display…… whither he came from and whither he went I don’t know but while he walked here, this was the direction he took. If there was a wildlife/bird expert around may be he would be able to identify the species just by this tiny foot print. A little bit tells a lot sometimes.

Don’t we also leave footprints like this behind us? Someone may not know our whole story but they can see the direction our life during the short time & space we were with them. My Husband often talks about His grandpa whom he called ‘Thatha’.  Although I never got to meet him, I have heard so much about him that I feel I almost know & love him. I know about what he did, what he said and what he believed in. I guess I will be able to recall a story or two with authentic fervor. My memories of him are borrowed but He left a personal and loving imprint on the young boy’s heart forever.

We don’t have to be a Gandhi, Roosevelt or Mandela to leave behind a legacy of personal and borrowed memories. Let’s try and create happy memories with our families.

Has anyone left his/her imprints on your heart?

Phir Milenge!!


4 thoughts on “some Thoughts, some Personal & some Borrowed memories

  1. hey soni… i didn’t knw that u r such a fine writer…… after soo many days i have got to read the stuff i would like to….. too gud dear !!

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