Morning Rain

9:00 a.m. on a sleepy Tuesday morning. Husband is already on his way to work and Rachel is still sleeping. We have been getting rain showers all night and sky is still overcast.

I like mornings like this. Sitting by my window with a cup of tea…. writing away….seems like there is nothing better to do.

Every thing seems refreshed in the rain, don’t you think ?

As if paused to take a moment’s rest, these tiny droplets lay their heads on the branches of the tree and as if the tree is proudly wearing them like jewels. It has no clue how pretty it looks though.

Looking at the day ahead, I am thinking of the challenge that I should face today. the little one is getting her shots today and if last time is anything to go by I am bracing myself for a lot of tears. How do you prepare your little one for pain? Pain management can be easy for me but how do I tell her?

…..that a little bit of pain is good for you

….in a little while you will forget this too

….I will be besides you all the way

….just know that the pain does go away

But for this moment the worries are all forgotten

But for this moment there is no pain

my little girl is sleeping, dreaming

beauty is in this moment – baby and morning rain.

EDIT:- It is been four hours since I began this post. We got the shots.

There was a little fear

and a whole lot of tears

To cheer her I did try

hurt, the baby did cry

Now there is peace again

forgotten is the sting of pain

baby once more is sleeping dreaming

and there is beauty , still there is rain


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