Sing a song Mom!!

For my baby shower, I was given the best kind of gifts- Books.

Some of them were for mommy and other for the baby.

My daughter and I love to sit on our rocking chair and flip through the pages of colorful books, looking at pictures and reading. I believe it is such a bonding experience. Spend some time if you can reading to your kids. Not only would you teach them good things, they would also learn that you value them and are willing to part with your time for them.  It will make for precious memories for their life.


I like to see her face as she is filled with wonder at simple turn of a page or see a colorful object. She loves to hear me sing the kiddie’s songs….not that I am any good at singing but she likes to see me act out the songs as I sing.

Today, during our time together I noticed something I had never noticed before.

Not all nursery rhymes are happy songs…..

London Bridge is falling down

So are Jack and Jill

Humpty-Dumpty cannot be put together again

Itsy-bitsy spider is washed away by the rain

Ladybug’s house is on fire

Rain spoils little johnny’s play

The spider scares little miss muffet away


Then I turned to some french rhymes:

“Aloutte gentile Aloutte” is a song about plucking the lark

They look for a pen and light on a moonlit night but the door was shut on them….in “au claire de la lune”

I questioned Why would this be so?…… We try to shield our children from any bad news. I haven’t done any extensive search on origin of these songs but it would sure be interesting to find how these songs started.

Life is beautiful is among my favourite movies of all times which tells the story of a father who uses his fertile imagination to shield his son from the horrors of concentration camp. Then, I thought to myself – may be the songs are meant to tell the kids that though there might be some unhappy things in life but if we can sing about them we can still be happy.

Phir Milenge!!

3 thoughts on “Sing a song Mom!!

  1. I love this post! Reading to your kids is the greatest gift you can give them. I read to my kids long after they were reading to themselves. On trips, I would have one novel to read aloud in the car, and their dad would have one he would read to us all at bedtime. They grew up at the storyteller’s knee, listening to performances and coming to the festivals, breaking bread with my storytelling friends. Stories teach and heal as well as entertain, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that both my kids grew up to be writers. At seventeen Bea has her own writing blog (Adventures for the Faint of Heart).

    Fun fact alert! So many of the nursery rhymes have hidden meanings or ancient origins. Ring Around the Rosie is about the plague–another fascinating bites of history!

    “Rock a Bye Baby” tells the story of the delicate balance and then fall of King James, heir of the childless Charles II. Protestant England was willing to tolerate him until he married a Catholic and had a baby, which they were afraid would be raised Catholic, plunging the country into another religious war. They were still traumatized from the persecution after Henry VIII left the church, and then his Catholic daughter Bloody Mary tried to bring back Catholicism, then Elizabeth I became queen and brought back Protestantism. So when James had his baby, “down will come baby, cradle and all,” they chased him out of England and brought his grown Protestant daughter Princess Mary and her husband “Dutch William” to the thrown.

    I do agree with you that they prepare kids for the real world. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales give them a place from which to experience danger, but usually with a happy ending, and with justice served. I will confess that when I sang Rock a Bye Baby to my kids, I ended it with “Mom will catch baby, cradle and all.” They were still very when I told them the true meanings, just as fun facts, and they weren’t traumatized. They learned that everything has a story, and often, a deeper meaning than the surface story.

    Oops! Didn’t mean to write a book! But you raised such interesting questions. I love your blog!

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