Melting Snow and Spontaneity

When I started writing this post Weather Gods were  smiling upon us. The accumulated snow was melting and accumulating into puddles of water on the uneven patches of the sidewalk.

Two decades ago , I would have jumped at the opportunity to jump into a puddle of water and I would jump into everyone that came my way. Sitting by my window for a few hours, I noticed many a kids peacefully walking by these puddles seemingly with no inkling to  jump in and create a splash.

Are the kids these days too disciplined?

Do they not realize the potential fun of jumping into a puddle, creating a splash ?

It would be too messy….the clothes will get dirty and they can catch a cold….. and we have to get somewhere…..all valid reasons.

Are we as a society and culture, afraid of messes, that we are willing to let go of fun just because there is some mess involved in it?

I am talking of legitimate, innocent , harmless kind of fun…… some time fun seeking pushes people too close to the edge and that’s not what I mean…

Of course there is great sense in taking calculated risk and knowing what to expect at the end, but we have our whole life for that do that….the greatest room for spontaneity is available to us in childhood.

A sudden burst of laughter, A spontaneous smile, a gentle kiss without any reason……all leading to a great sense of wonder. I think its good to not break down everything into knowledgeable bits of information. Sometime its good to leave some space for spontaneous action.

Phir Milenge!!


2 thoughts on “Melting Snow and Spontaneity

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