Green Beans for Jess

My friend Jess is a trooper. She loves Indian food and is willing to brave the hardships that come with it – Red face, excessive perspiration, heart burn and digestive discomfort. It has got the makings of true love I tell you.

Indian foods are spicy as compared to continental food but what you eat at the restaurant is something hardly anyone consumes on a daily basis. To tell you the truth ,  There are a lot of simple every day recipes that are non-spicy, non-oily and non life threatening. They are simply not restaurant worthy. I love cooking at home for Jess and I can find comfort in fact that she will not be downing Pepto-Bismol next morning.

Here is a recipe for making Green beans – its a dish from south of India and its commonly called “Thoran” and you would find this served in a restaurant that offers a south-Indian ‘Thali’ (platter).

Wash and Rise the green beans. You can use french beans and flat beans for this recipe too as well as cabbage. Chop Green beans very fine. Chop Yellow onions as finely as you can.


Other ingredients you would need are: Mustard seeds, green chillies – slit length wise and curry leaves. You can replace curry leaves with coriander leaves too if you want.  If you don’t want too much heat, remember to remove the seeds from the chillies.



Heat one tablespoon of Oil in a pan. The oil should be hot enough that the mustard seeds start to splatter as soon as they hit the pan.  Add the chillies, curry leaves and onions to the oil.


When the onions are little tender , add turmeric and salt. Add chopped beans.

Cover and let it cook on low heat for some time. I would say keep checking at regular intervals to see how it is coming along.  The beans are cooked when they are Al dente – cooked but not soggy.

Just before removing it from heat, add grated coconut for garnish , if you would like.


This would generally be served with boiled rice and Yogurt-curry called “Mor-Curry”.  The idea of putting my cooking into a post did not strike me until I was half way through and I do not have pictures of what I made but there is a very good instructional video on Youtube. Click here.

It is a simple south Indian meal which is easy on the stomach. If you do try to make it , Let me know how it turned out and if you liked it.

Phir Milenge!!


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