Madhubani Me!!!

I have been exploring the  storytelling style of Madhubani paintings. Usually, Madhubani paintings depict nature and Hindu religious motifs and themes revolve around Hindu deities. Read more here.

One of the things that I am trying to do is to tell different stories using the art form. But since my current muse is my dear daughter , I thought of trying to depict her in this medium and include in the scrap book that I am making for her. In my opinion, any personalized object, be it a letter or a drawing can convey much more emotion than a picture or typed words.

She was playing with her dad in this picture and this image  sort of became my starting point. Her hair is naturally wavy and its all over the place and I knew I wanted to capture that………. I also wanted to incorporate some of the elements from her name. Rachel which means ‘Ewe’ and Niharika which means ‘dew’ in Hindi.

The medium is Ink on paper.

the idea was not so much to make an accurate sketch but to depict her in this style. I was happy with the outcome and the line work but decided to color it in . This is the final image on her scrapbook page.

Its not perfect nor it is a ‘piece-of-art’ but this is very close to my heart. I hope that many years down the line, she would look at it and know how fondly I thought of her and wanted to show my adoration with a little work of my hand.

Phir milenge!!


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