A little bit of me

My Daughter was born a year ago and she stole my heart right away! I must confess I wasn’t always Baby-friendly. Now is a different story.

There has been a baby boom in my life recently. With 2 nephews and one niece born with in last 18 months (one only few days old) and new babies of a number of friends, a lot of my waking time goes in handling a baby, reading about babies and looking at baby pictures. I now understand why some of my friends who had babies years before me were so engrossed in theirs…..Babies are so addictive.

One thing that I particularly like about babies is that they give us insight into ourselves. Most of what I know about my early childhood is through old photographs and what my mom told me. When I look at Rachel, I can picture myself that age and imagine if I was as playful as she is etc.

I often find myself trying to find myself in my little daughter. She is her own person and yet she has a part of me and her dad. A recent episode of Modern Family had a similar theme.  Claire talks about seeing qualities of herself and Phil in their children while the episode ended with Cam and Mitchel Looking at their adoptive daughter lily, who was similar to them both in her behaviour.

The most beautiful aspect of seeing children is to see in tangible reality the oneness every couple longs to achieve. Its not fractured fragments joined together but a harmonious whole…. a whole new person. Whether we may be able to achieve success in our work or in our education, one thing every parent has is an opportunity to impact a life. It somehow gives a new dimension to life, a greater purpose to life for something beyond ourselves.

Its humbling to think that I was considered worthy of having this wonderful gift in my life.

Phir milenge!!


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